Academics at Highlands International Boarding School

The teachers at HIBS are committed to an academic programme of excellence where failure simply isn’t an option. All students complete monthly tests and examinations twice a year, with anyone falling behind given extra classes to ensure they get back on track. But these high standards are made fun by an innovative co-operative learning method adopted by excellent academic staff. Students work in small groups to achieve a common goal, making learning fun and developing interpersonal and teamwork skills.

Student commitment is also key, with regular classes helping with motivation and keeping up with homework. Teaching staff are always on hand for student queries. This dual approach of high academic standards and a student-oriented learning programme produce school leavers who are educated, diligent, hard-working and ready to succeed in higher education and employment.

Classes are taught in English, with a special English Language programme on offer to get students up to speed. Computer studies classes are also available through the Cambridge Starter Awards programme to ensure HIBS students are technologically proficient.

The IGCSE ‘O Level’ is taught at secondary level, and Cambridge ‘A-Levels’ are then also offered, accepted as the pre-entry qualification for top universities around the world. Annual fees including board and lodging are just over £9,000 for the O-Level, and around £7,400 for the 18-month A-Level qualification, with some small additional costs for materials and admission. This means students can study their home curriculum but at a much more affordable rate for parents than other quality boarding schools in Europe, making HIBS a very attractive option.