Pastoral Care at HIBS, Malaysia

The physical and emotional wellbeing is of paramount important to HIBS staff, with pastoral care at the heart of its work. The school’s counselling department specialises in dealing with conflict management between students, and addressing typical teenage issues such as emotional changes and peer pressure. Support is also on hand for academic problems, with motivation classes and effort to help those falling behind.

At the heart of HIBS’ boarding philosophy is ‘community living’ - with two matrons and a medical assistant on hand in the halls of residence to ensure students are happy and healthy, and consider HIBS to be like a second home. Regular health checks are performed on students and the highest standards of hygiene enforced in living areas.

HIBS take pride in their emphasis on discipline and self-responsibility which is fostered in children through a programme of self-development classes based on the 3 R’s principle - responsibility, relationship and respect. This is intended to build discipline and modify disruptive behaviour as children come to terms with their physical, emotional and social development through the often difficult teenage years, as well as nurture the co-operative, harmonious atmosphere that the school aims to build.

An emphasis on self-reliance in this way is seen as the perfect compliment to the strict academic standards applied by the school, enabling each child to flourish and achieve. The focus on mutual respect is intended to produce school leavers imbued with the positive personal skills - like teamwork, being respectful and understanding of others, that will be of benefit in later life.